Amplify Word-of-Mouth.

Social media is not the ideal technology for connecting hungry people to food trucks. With Grapevine we're attempting to bridge that gap.

Grapevine - Releasing Soon!

For Food Trucks

Attracting new customers is hard; retaining existing customers is even harder. Being mobile just magnifies these problems. You hassle with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you have no idea if it’s even working. Do your followers know you’ve moved, or did your post get lost between Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber tweets? How do you manage so many disconnected sites and still have time to make great food? What’s worse is that potential new customers have no way to find out about you except for word of mouth.

Grapevine lets you tell both existing and potential customers where you’ll be, when you’ll be there and what you’ll be serving from one simple app. It also provides important data to you about your customers. This data can help you make decisions about your spots, times and menu selections among other things. Amplify your word-of-mouth and social media efforts with Grapevine.

For Hungry People

Tired of losing your favorite food truck in a deluge of Justin Bieber tweets? Wish you could find a new truck to try out this Tuesday? Grapevine connects you directly to your favorite food trucks, and helps you discover new ones, without all the hassle of friending or following. Search by your current location, time of service, cuisine, truck rating and more. Post reviews, upload pictures, and spread the word. Get fed with Grapevine.