The Starting Lineup

Leadership Team

Mark Lauter

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

A scrappy entrepreneur with a dynamic personality and strong work ethic, Mark Lauter was introduced to computers in fourth grade by the Hillsborough County Schools Gifted Program. It was 1979, the eve of the personal computer revolution, and Lauter was immediately hooked. With more than 25 programming languages under his belt, including three written by himself with other teammates, he has lived to code ever since.

During his first year at Hillsborough Community College, he enrolled in the cooperative education program with Tampa Electric Company. As a "co-op" he programed away most of his work responsibilities. Upon graduation, he went to work for TeCom, a startup subsidiary of TECO Energy specializing in commercial and residential energy management and building automation solutions.

Lauter worked for 10 years as a software engineer and manager for various firms. He left the corporate world to blaze his own trail as a freelance software engineer in 2000. By 2004 he had founded One Lauter Inc., a software engineering services firm.

In 2009 Lauter rebranded the company as Sumo Software Corporation. The name was inspired by a gift of a sumo wrestler figurine given to Lauter by a friend who visited Japan. About the same time Lauter connected with like-minded entrepreneurs Scott Ertz and Nick DiMeo. Ertz helped Lauter re-found the company and became Sumo's second full time engineer.

Today Lauter sees himself as a people engineer. He is focused on building a team of A-players that are proud to call Sumo Software home. An unconventional recruiting process has yielded a collection of like-minded people united in the belief that new technologies, properly applied, can make people's lives better.

Scott Ertz

Co-Founder, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Scott Ertz has been with the company since 2008 and has held increasingly responsible positions during his tenure. A beneficiary of Pinellas County's magnet schools program, he has been engaged with high-technology from an early age.

Don't let his long hair, baseball cap, jeans and T-shirt fool you. You'll often find him in the office late, solving a complex problem in half the time it might take a more button-down engineer. He's powered by hot tea and the patience of Job. His dedication doesn't come from a paycheck, but because he loves what he does.

Ertz built his first software application, a Jeopardy game, as a seventh-grader. He's been crafting code for fun and business ever since. He has a special interest for robotics.

He connected with CEO/Founder Mark Lauter at St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce's Entrepreneurship Academy in a meeting of minds.

Technical expertise includes business analysis, user experience design, project management, numerous programming languages, and business development.

Prior to Sumo, Ertz worked in sales, management, and district support for RadioShack for 10 years. A St. Petersburg native, Ertz earned his AA from St. Petersburg College.

No stranger to entrepreneurship, Ertz and a partner formed a media production startup in 2007. He serves as editor-in-chief for a weekly podcast of tech news and "geek culture."

Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.
- George Washington

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