Tryouts Begin Today

Tryouts Begin Today

Software Engineer

As a software engineer at Sumo Software, you will help design and develop custom software systems for our clients.

Sumo Software began as a Delphi shop, but today we’re primarily a .Net shop, and most of the systems we build are web based, so there’s plenty of JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS floating around too. Some of the work we do involves system migrations, so we’re often reading code composed of PHP, Delphi, C++, Java and other languages. Tomorrow we might be a [insert cool new language/platform here] shop.

Whatever platforms, languages, or development environments you use today, we expect that you have mastered them. We also expect that you will be able to master any technology or language that we require in the future.

We work in an open-plan office. Impromptu design and coding debates occur regularly and all team members are expected to contribute. There are no egos here and there’s plenty of whiteboard space on which to champion your ideas.


  • You’re an Alpha Coder, and you have a string of successful projects under your belt that prove it.
  • You enjoy mentoring junior Alphas.
  • You thrive in a team oriented environment.
  • You have above average comprehension of spoken and written English.
  • You know that software engineering isn’t a 9-5 job and you don’t care because you’re really in the zone right now and man, isn’t that code beautiful!?


  • Competitive pay
  • Direct deposit
  • Generous window space and sun lit offices
  • All-expense-paid technical conferences
  • Flexible work hours
  • Free lunch
  • Free coffee, soft drinks and snacks
  • Free t-shirt
  • Free hat
  • Play with literally any Microsoft technology you want – we have access to it all
  • Florida is wicked sunny

About Sumo Software Corporation

Sumo Software provides custom software engineering and consulting services. We’re located just minutes from the beaches in sunny Tampa, Florida. Our clients are located across the United States and range from a GPS tracking systems manufacturer to financial data service providers. Sumo Software was originally founded as One Lauter Inc. in 2002.

Sumo Software Corporation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class. We believe in and strongly support workplace diversity. Applicants with prior military service will be given preference.

Contact Sumo Software to discuss opportunities.

A-players hire A-players. B-players hire C-players. Do you get it?
- Steve Jobs

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