What We Do

Expertise On-Demand.

Our experienced team instantly expands your capacity to take on a major development project without the risk and hassle inherent in building a team from scratch.

What We Do

Mobile App Studio

Business leaders recognize the competitive advantage offered by mobile technologies. To succeed, development teams must overcome such obstacles as low bandwidth, limited network availability and smaller screen size. In the hyper-connected, hyper-critical world of today’s mobile marketplace, poor customer reviews linger until the end of time. You have one chance to get it right.

We can help.

Database Design & Infrastructure Studio

Data is the backbone of modern business. Keeping mission critical data flowing isn’t easy. Building the wrong data management system can result in massive cost overruns, poor performance, or worse. A deep understanding of the relationship between the business and its data is required to build an affordable solution with the perfect blend of performance, availability, and scalability.

Our team offers that expertise.

Enterprise Application Studio

The world runs on software. Demand for highly-qualified engineers is high and recruiting them is challenging. It can take years to build a core development team. Each new hire poses a risk to the team and the company. Maybe staffing companies can help mitigate the risk, but is the inflated cost worth it? Sumo Software is not a staffing agency; we are a well-rounded, experienced development team that can take on any size project.

Let us show you.

Interaction & Product Design Studio

Sometimes trading usability for a shorter schedule or reduced cost is worth it. Sometimes shortfalls in usability can be offset with training. Every product is the result of prioritized tradeoffs. Sometimes training is not an option for the target market. Sometimes enough money has been budgeted to focus on the person who gets to use the product. Sometimes there’s no room for compromise.

That's when you call Sumo Software.